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Gupev Limited has been a bridge between our customers and high-quality service as it pertains to their projects. Through this, we have been able to build affiliations and partnerships with major players in various industries.

Gupev Limited

Quality and reliability are of grave importance to us. In light of this, before any of our projects are executed, we go through a thorough process of vetting and selecting project handlers. This ensures that our projects are implemented by some of the best experts in the sector. Our strong attention to details means the project is deeply scrutinized at every stage, until it is completed and delivered.

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What We Do

Gupev Limited is a General Contractor involved with executing projects in different sectors. Our areas of expertise include


We are experts in planning, developing and coordinating every activity required for a successful building construction project. Our experience and reputation speak for us. We deliver projects promptly while ensuring the customer gets high quality construction and service.


Infrastructure is an important entity of every society. Gupev Limited puts the community first when undertaking infrastructural projects. Our structures high safety and efficiency ratings. We are committed to delivering high value structures that serve the society and stand the test of time.


We have a tested and trusted team of experts that will handle any of your engineering projects successfully and promptly. We also offer experience based consultancy services in the engineering sector.


We provide unique services to farmers. We offer Consultancy Services for farms and farmers. We also undertake result driven farm projects.

I. T. Design

The world has over the last decade become a digital village. We are experts in creation of digital platforms for companies and start-ups for ease of operation. With us, you will get a platform tailor made for you, and easy to use.

Security and Secured Transport

Gupev Limited has a section that deals with security. Here, we are concerned with providing assured Security Services to firms and individuals. We also offer secured transportation services for valuables to all parts of the country.

Security of Our Operation

As a firm that pays attention to every detain of every project, we do not take the security of our operations for granted. In light of this, we ensure all the analysis, evaluations and measures needed to ensure procedural security are done thoroughly. This helps to improve the efficiency and uniqueness of the product. It also prevents sensitive information from falling into wrong hands.

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Our organization was becoming larger, and we needed an IT based system for smoother running and transactions. Gupev Limited came on high recommendation; and they didn’t disappoint
Malami Hauwa.
I was very skeptical when it was time to build the first building of my small business. I was being careful due to the spate of failing constructions in the country. Gupev Limited had a proposal that not only beat my imagination in terms of design; I was also assured of the quality of the construction. It stands strong till this day, with barely any scratches. They have since built our two other offices.
O. T. Kandiru

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Gupev Limited has over the years competed several projects in different sectors. In the process, we have built a strong team of brilliant, innovative minds. Our consistent quality service delivery has made us the go-to firm for a rising number of customers. You should check us out today.